In-Floor Heating Macomb IL

Commercial & Residential Radiant Heating

Collins Concrete offers radiant flooring installation for homes and businesses near Macomb, IL. Our in-floor heating contractors can take care of all your radiant heating needs.


There are two types of radiant floor heating, electric and water-based systems. Both provide heating in a room from the floor up for consistent, efficient warmth. Warm water systems run hot water through pipes to create heat, whereas electric underfloor heating heats wiring beneath the floor to generate heat.


We Install...

  • Radiant Floor Heating
  • Hydronic / Hot Water Radiant Heating
  • Hot Air Radiant Heating Systems
  • Electric Radiant Heating Systems


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Pros of In-Floor Heating

  • Energy Efficient: radiant in-floor heating requires less energy, which keeps your energy bills lower
  • Virtually no maintenance: systems run efficiently and come with multi-year guarantees
  • Space: radiant heating eliminates the need for radiators and frees up wall space
  • Can be compatible with all floor coverings: works with tile, carpet, wood, laminate, vinyl, etc
  • Safety & comfort: no sharp edges or hot surfaces, plus improved air quality



  • Up front cost, long-term investment
  • Floor height
  • Time


Cost of Radiant Heating in Macomb IL

The cost of a floor heating system depends on a number of factors, but generally you can expect a cost of $10-20 per square foot for the system components, plus the cost of labor. Please fill out our simple contact form and tell us about your floor heating needs. We will get back to you right away.


Radiant Heating FAQs

Will in-floor heating heat a room?

Yes! And it will do so more efficiently and evenly than conventional heating methods like forced air or baseboard heaters.


Can radiant floor heating heat an entire house?

While radiant heating is generally room-specific (i.e., for the kitchen or bathroom), it is a viable and effective method for heating your home.


How does in floor heating work?

Radiant floor heating systems work by utilizing thermal radiation (no, not that kind of radiation). This radiant heat warms the entire floor, and as heat rises, it evenly warms the entire room, with no cold spots.


Is radiant heating worth it?
Yes. Admittedly, radiant heating is an up-front investment, but it will pay dividends for many years, with very little maintenance. It is ideal to do during a home renovation.


In-Floor Heating Vs...

  • in floor heating vs forced air: Not only is radiant heat 30 percent more efficient, it also provides a more even, continuous level of warmth.
  • vs baseboard: similar improvement in efficiency, plus longer lifespan
  • vs furnace: similar advantages to forced air
  • vs radiators: space savings, plus safety & efficiency